Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Available for purchase...REDUCED PRICES!

Dear All,
after the shocking and unbelievable response I got from all of your buyers, I decided to take a look at the remaining inventory of necklaces and REDUCE the PRICE. Take a look at the available pieced and if you are interested in any of them, write at!

Thank you very much to all of you supported my creativity so far....

Remember: Each piece is unique, as I do not create repeats and if you have a design in mind, do not hesitate to ask!


So let's start the lineup!

#1: The SIREN

Made with Sterling silver chain, fresh water pearls and Swarovski pink crystals. 16' length.
Perfect for a formal evening, with a summer dress or for work outfit.
Original Price: $42.50
Sale price
: $32.50 (including shipping)

This is a fabulous, light necklace. Made with sterling silver chain, measuring 15' in length, Green Mother of Pearl pendants, and silver clasp.
Original Price: $ 38.00
Sale Price: $25 (including shipping)
Gorgeous necklace made with rice shaped fresh water pearls, golden filigrane and real coral chips. Length is 17'.
Great for a sailor inspired outfit like this one

Original Price: $ 32.50
Sale Price: $25 (Including shippping)

Teal is in! and this necklace is perfect for the summer. Made with teal wood chips, pure silver beads and clasp, the piece adds personality to any style!

Original Price:$45
Sale Price: $ 32.50 (including shipping)
Bold, and unique necklace, perfect for those who are not afraid of a bold accessory.
Made with African wood beads, and Mayan-like beads and real silver clasp. Length 17'.

Original Price: $ 25
Sale Price: $ 18 (including shipping)

Ultra Long Necklace to match with a black dress or summer white dress.
Sterling silver chain, with VINTAGE crystal beads and VINTAGE Crystal Pendant (from the 40's), coral chips and one black mother of pearl pendant.

Original Price: $45
Sale Price: $ 35 (including shipping)

Elegant and sophisticated necklace. Made with pink Swarovski crystal pearls, silver beads and green jade, with silver clasp. Length 14' (close to the neck).

Original Price: $45
Sale Price: $ 38 (including shipping)

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